Mentor Learning Platform

Mentor Features

Here are some of the features included in Mentor

Courses & Assignments


Courses define and give an overview to the learner to outline what needs to be included in their submissions.


Create several Assignments within a Course to showcase expectations and describe information that is pertinent to complete each individual upload.

Standard Features

Mentor Standard Features.

User Groups

Create specialized Groups by bundling together specific users and assigning them to Courses and Assignments that are relevant to them. 


Assign specific users Admin and Evaluator privileges to manage your account or conduct evaluations. 


Upload video from your computer or phone directly to evaluators for feedback. 


Save completed evaluations for learners to go back and review in the future.

Video Evaluation

In-context Feedback

With the Mentor Evaluation Platform, instructors can enhance their current learning programs by recording audio commentary directly on learner submitted videos, audio files, or images.

Multiple Submission Types

Learners submit assignments as media.


Upload video content directly from your computer, tablet, or other device.


Use webcam capture to record an impromptu role playing exercise or an in the moment presentation.


With Mentor, images can be uplaoded in a series and evaluated as the instructor reviews them.


Upload audio files from your sales team on the phone or a customer service call center, files can be uploaded to Mentor for evaluation.



Mentor makes generating reports easy and fundamental. Reports show login activity, submission counts, evaluations completed and overall performance. Other reports show course grades for each learner, assignment grades and who is on top. It’s easy to see which submissions have been evaluated and which are still pending evaluation. There is also a quick overview of which learners have submitted to which assignments and scoring.

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